Virtual lab tour

The "FutureWork360" project illustrates the effects of new technologies on tomorrow's working world and makes tomorrow's opportunities a reality today: Discover virtually application scenarios that have been tested and evaluated under realistic conditions.

Experience virtually what the Future Work Lab of the two Fraunhofer Institutes IAO and IPA has to offer in the working world of the future. The Future Work Lab is an innovation laboratory in Stuttgart, that includes an extensive demonstrator world, making the entire range of industrial work of the future tangible in various scenarios.

The Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units ISW at the University of Stuttgart also contributes to FutureWok360. The ISW is one of the internationally leading university research facilities in the field of control engineering.

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We are pleased if you enjoyed our virtual lab tour. Get in touch with our experts soon - and also virtually. For this purpose we create web sessions for you. Please tell us in a short and anonymous survey what you liked most about the tour. We look forward to your participation.

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